Understanding what it means to be educated

It's important to know that your TCU degree is rooted in a foundation of liberal arts and sciences. These wide-ranging subjects will teach you how to read critically, think analytically and communicate effectively. A broad understanding of history, society, literature, economics, languages and culture will help you be comfortable in any conversation. These subjects teach you critical inquiry, a skill that comes in handy when the answers you need can't be found in a book.

TCU Core Curriculum

Every degree includes the University Core Curriculum, a group of classes in three areas: Heritage, Mission, Vision & Values; Human Experiences and Endeavors; and Essential Com- petencies.

TCU Core Curriculum Includes courses like...
Human Experiences & Endeavors27 hrs.
Humanities9 hrs.The American Short Story Faith and Ethical Leadership American Cinema
Social Sciences9 hrs.Introduction to Archaeology Politics of Freedom and Order Medical Anthropology
Natural Sciences6 hrs.Contemporary Issues in Biology Utter Chaos Engineering Design and Graphics
Fine Arts3 hrs.Survey of Jazz and Popular Music Dance History The London Theatre
Heritage, Mission, Vision & Values18 hrs.
Religious Traditions3 hrs.Society and Culture Society and Culture Society and Culture
Historical Traditions3 hrs.Organized Crime American Sports History Oscar Wilde and the 1890s
Literary Traditions3 hrs.The American Dream Sports in Modern American Literature The Roaring Twenties
Cultural Awareness3 hrs.Marriage and Family Food and Culture Issues in Diversity
Global Awareness3 hrs.History of Cuba Latin American Popular Culture Films in a Global Society
Citizenship and Social Values3 hrs.Critical Issues in Criminal Justice Basic Leadership Theory and Skills Media Industry Law and Regulation
Essential Competencies18 hrs.
Mathematical Reasoning3 hrs.Topics in Mathematics Elementary Statistics Discrete Mathematics I
Oral Communication3 hrs.Business and Professional Speaking Parliamentary Debate Instructional Communication
Written Communication6 hrs.Introductory Composition Intermediate Composition Freshman Seminar
Writing Emphasis6 hrs.Money and Banking Tao of Strategy Public Affairs Reporting