Credit by exam

Through several methods, above-average students may earn academic credit for college-level learning by taking an examination in the appropriate area. The following points are the student’s responsibility and should be noted.

  • Credit granted can be used to satisfy specific, general or elective degree requirements, as determined by the academic dean.
  • Credit by examination is not assigned a letter grade and is not counted toward special recognition or honors.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to discuss pending AP, CLEP, IB or SAT Subject Tests results with his or her academic advisor prior to registration. Duplicate credit is not allowed for credit by examination and classwork.
  • Credit by examination will not be granted in a lower-level course once credit has been awarded by classwork or exam in a more advanced course.
  • Credit by examination must be documented by an official score report from the examining agency. It will not be taken from another college or university transcript.
  • Currently enrolled TCU students should obtain prior approval from their academic dean before taking CLEP examinations.
  • Credit by examination may be awarded only in the first 66 semester hours of college credit.
  • Credit may not be earned by examination in any course previously failed, audited or taken for noncredit at TCU.
  • Credit for departmental examinations awarded by other institutions will not transfer to TCU.

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