2017/2018 AETNA Student Health Insurance

Good health is a major contributor to academic success!

Students with inadequate health insurance or who are uninsured will find that unexpected medical bills from injuries or illnesses can threaten their ability to complete their education.  Having a comprehensive health insurance plan in place will allow the student to access health care whenever needed.  International students, regardless of status, are required to carry TCU’s Student Health Insurance as a minimum standard of coverage.  Enrollment is automatic for all students on an F-Visa.

Specifically designed for TCU students, this major medical, PPO Aetna Student Health Insurance for 2017/2018 provides benefits on and/or off campus.  Worldwide benefits are available for students studying abroad or traveling outside of the U.S.  However, non-U.S. citizens are not covered while in their home country.

Highlights of the 2017/2018 Student Health Insurance:

  • No Pre-existing Exclusion
  • No Cap on Benefit Maximums
  • Preventative Care – covered at 100% (no deductible)
  • Inpatient & Outpatient Benefits
  • Mental Health & Substance Abuse Benefits
  • Women’s Health Benefits
  • Prescriptions eligible for an 80% or 70% reimbursement (after meeting the $350 annual deductible and submitting a claim form with the receipt)
  • Significant Savings when treated at TCU Health Center – Health Center submits charges for non-prescription services to Aetna Student Health which are paid at 100%. (The Health Center does NOT submit claims to private insurance.)
  • Annual Deductible – In-Network $350; Out-of-Network $600
  • Out-of-Pocket Maximums – In-Network $4,600/Plan Year; Out-of-Network $8,000/Plan Year
  • Medical Evacuation & Repatriation
  • Travel Assistance Services
  • Informed Health Line
  • Health & Wellness Portal
  • Discount Programs – dental, vision, hearing, fitness, and others
  • Web ID Card – available on Health Center website after the ELECT/WAIVE period ends
  • COST PER SEMESTER –  $1,015

Fall 2017 Coverage Begins August 15, 2017

2017/2018 Plan Details can be found on the Health Center’s website.