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Frog Blog

student rubbing the nose of the frog statue
TCU launched a 360 virtual tour showcasing our spirited campus. Sadler Mall is named after Chancellor MacGruder Ellis Sadler. During his administration from 1941-1965, the campus grew from eight buildings to twenty-nine. The Sadler building's recognizable columns, flag and Texas Christian University sign can be quickly spotted from University Drive, along with a few other highlights.

The Horned Frog Statue is said to offer good luck for a test if you rub its nose. This isn't a proven fact, but it can't hurt! TCU is the only university in the nation with a mascot modeled after the Texas horned lizard, a fierce animal that shoots blood out of its eyes to ward off predators.

TCU began with humble roots, though none of those supported trees initially. From a few trees in our early days to 3,200 trees maintained by our facilities staff, we're proud of our tree-lined campus. In fact, the Arbor Day Foundation recognized TCU in 2021 for the fifth year in a row.

Reed Hall is home to the AddRan College of Liberal Arts, the university's first established college. Named after our founders Addison and Randolph Clark, most students take courses in this college as part of the core curriculum. As a liberal arts institution, we focus on a broad, well-rounded education no matter what your major.