Actuarial Science


This is a mathematics degree with an actuarial concentration. It is available as both a major and minor. As an actuarial science student, you’ll learn the language and methods of probability, statistics, and risk management.

  • Students interested in the Actuarial Science concentration take courses in Economics, Accounting, and Finance, in addition to Mathematics courses.
  • Learn from outstanding and award-winning teachers with doctoral degrees from Berkeley, Chicago, Harvard, Michigan, Princeton, Rice, and other top-rated universities.
  • Work for companies to determine insurance rates and financial risk.

Course Examples by Year


Calculus I and II
Discrete Mathematics I
Introductory Microeconomics and Macroeconomics


Linear Algebra
Interest Theory I and II
Introduction to Mathematical Proof
Intermediate Microeconomics and Macroeconomics
Fundamentals of Accounting I and II


Calculus III
Actuarial Mathematics
Introduction to Programming


Real Analysis I
Abstract Algebra I
Math Elective

Where Graduates Go

Many recent actuarial science graduates work for insurance companies, in banking, or in risk management for companies such as Ernst & Young, AON, Wellington, Cigna, and Foresters Financial. Some go to graduate school in Actuarial Science or Financial Mathematics.