All Level Education


You will learn that those who can, do teach! In the College of Education you will learn how to engage, motivate, and teach in all types of classroom settings. Your content knowledge, combined with strong
pedagogical skills and classroom experience, will inspire your students to learn.

  • Teach what you love! Use your talents and skills in art, music, physical activity, and more by becoming certified to teach your favorite subject in all grade levels.
  • You will study in the College of Education with committed faculty in a program that will ensure you are on the right path to earning an All Level Teaching Certificate.

Course Examples by Year


Academic Core Requirements


Academic Core Requirements
Content Area Coursework
Child and Adolescent Development


Educational Psychology
Child and Adolescent Development
Courses related to your certification area*


Classroom Management
Educational Technology
Student Teaching**
Courses related to your certification area*

*Certification areas include Art, Music, Physical Education, Theatre, and Education of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Students who plan to earn a teaching certificate must apply for admission to the teacher education program in the College of Education. Upon admission to the program, students will begin the education coursework that prepares them for teacher certification, while continuing studies in their chosen certification area.

**Students begin and complete the 12-week student teaching
experience required for teacher certification in their second semester of senior year.

Where Graduates Go

With an All Level Teaching Certificate, you can explore teaching opportunities in schools all over the country, or in other countries. Discover these opportunities during career fairs, where you will meet with schools seeking to hire quality teachers who are prepared to teach in all grade levels.