Art Education


Explore other facets of art education, such as museum education, community arts education, and art therapy. You will learn more about these options through hands-on activities and field trips during your art education classes. You will also have many opportunities to network with local art teachers through membership in TCU’s student chapter of the Texas Art Education Association (TAEA). Multiple opportunities for paid and volunteer art teaching exist through TCU’s summer art children’s camps, service projects with local hospitals, community arts centers, and area schools. At the end of your degree, you will complete a semester-long teaching internship at a local elementary or secondary school, and upon graduation and passing of the state exam, you will be fully certified to teach PK-12 art in Texas. Texas maintains reciprocal teaching certificate agreements with 45 other states. Since 2006, every TCU Art Education graduate who has sought a job
teaching art has been placed.

  • When you major in Art Education you join a structured, intensive professional program that prepares you to teach art in elementary and secondary schools, and introduces you to other careers in art education such as art therapy, museum education, and community art education.
  • Students choose to major in art education because they enjoy helping people through the medium of art.
  • Your freshman year, you will begin observing art teachers in local schools, visiting art therapy centers, hospital art programs, art museum education programs and a variety of other sites. This past year, art education majors taught art to orphans in Uganda, high schoolers in Panama, high school students with disabilities, elementary children, at summer art camps for kids, in local schools on Fridays, in the cancer unit of a local hospital, to children and their mothers at a domestic violence shelter, etc.
  • The point is: If you have an area where you’d like to work or make a difference, your art education professors and advisors will give you the resources and contacts to make this happen.
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Course Examples by Year


Color and Design
Drawing II
3D Design
Basics in Art


Introduction to Art History Survey
Child and Adolescent Development


Approaches to Studio Art
Art History
Art History Courses (2)
Education Courses


The Child & Visual Art
Art History Course
Essentials of Visual Art
Education Courses
Student Teaching

Where Graduates Go

Art Education graduates teach art in local schools, begin graduate school in art therapy, work in art museums, and various other art related jobs.