Business Information Systems

Course Overview

Business Information Systems students will develop the ability to design, implement, and manage information technology, data, and organization-wide systems, and learn the skills to manage, analyze, and develop applications dealing with business of the future. They will be able to make a difference by incorporating new technologies into the strategy, planning, and practices of organizations.

  • Business Information Systems teaches students to apply technology and business knowledge to analyze and solve business problems, leverage resources and transform organizations to achieve competitive advantage and excellence in service for business organizations, government, and non-profit organizations.
  • Technology is the engine that drives business and connects people and companies, in previously unimagined ways.
  • New uses for technology emerge daily and have recast the role of information systems in business.

Course Examples by Year


Introductory Microeconomics
Introductory Macroeconomics
Introductory Applied Calculus
Statistical Analysis


Fundamentals of Accounting
Legal Environment of Business
Foundations of Business
Business Information Systems
Supply Chain Management


Enterprise Wide Information Systems
Financial Management
Data Management for Business Information Systems
Business Information Systems Development


Business Information Systems Consulting
Business Intelligence and Analytics
Business Information Systems Internship
Strategic Management
Securing Company Data

Where Graduates Go

Career opportunities exist in all industries including Business Analyst, IS Management Consultant, Project Manager, Business Intelligence Analyst, and Systems Developer.