Cinema and Media Studies


Sometimes it’s more fun to learn about movies and TV shows than to make them. That’s what students do in the Cinema and Media Studies major. They learn to critically analyze all sorts of media offerings, ranging from films to streaming video and virtual reality. In the process, they discover how individuals and societies are constantly influenced, in complex ways, by the media offerings people consume as a regular part of their everyday lives.

Course Examples by Year


History of Broadcasting
History of Film
Intro to Film and TV Aesthetics
American Cinema


Business of Media
Media Analysis
Film and Television Genres
Media Decades


Audience Research
Television, Culture and Society
Topics in Film
Media Authorship
Media and Popular Culture


Film Theory and Criticism
Contemporary Media
World Cinema
Capstone Project
Senior Seminar in FTDM

Where Graduates Go

This major prepares its graduates to pursue advanced educational opportunities (graduate school, law school, etc.) and non-production-focused media careers.