Computer Science


Both Computer Science and Computer Information Technology majors first learn the fundamentals of designing and testing computer programs, software development, and data structures. Computer Science majors go on to study and practice the development of new computer technology by working with compilers, operating systems, and computer architecture. Computer Information
Technology majors go on to study system and network administration, current web technologies, interface and scripting fundamentals, and computer and network security.

  • Get a broad understand of a rapidly changing field, and specific experience with technologies like Java. Take small classes from fulltime faculty in the state-of-the-art Tucker Technology Center.
  • During your senior year, all COSC and CITE majors take a two-semester software engineering and capstone design course where you will work on a team to develop and implement a solution for a real-world client.

Course Examples by Year


Introduction to Programming
Techniques in Programming


Data Structures
Computer System Fundamentals
Programming Language Concepts


Computer Organization
Micro Based Digital Systems
Operating Systems
The Digital Explosion


Software Engineering
Senior Design Project
Compiler Design
Two Computer Science Electives

Where Graduates Go

Recent Computer Science and Computer Information Technology graduates work in many sectors in industry including business, financial services, defense, communications, logistics, and education. Recent graduates and alumni are working with top companies such as IBM, Microsoft, American Airlines, Price Waterhouse, Nokia, Lockheed Martin, Chase Financial Services, BNSF Railway, and Accenture.