Energy Technology and Management


Offered through the TCU Energy Institute, this minor is intended for any major at TCU wishing to also minor in energy technology and management. This minor will help provide you with an understanding of the emerging technologies and management strategies associated with the energy business.

  • Explore the history and origin of our nation’s valuable resources.
  • Learn how geologists and engineers discover and use all forms of energy resources from oil & gas to nuclear to alternative forms of energy.
  • Take advantage of courses in business to understand how the energy industry operates in the national and global markets.
  • Become a member of the TCU Energy Club to keep up to date on current energy issues, developing technologies, industry visitors and job networking.

Course Examples by Year


Understanding the Earth


Principles of Environmental Science


Prospect to Production
Business of Oil & Gas


Directed Studies in Energy

Where Graduates Go

The energy industry is expanding rapidly and looking for talented people in all areas of the business. This includes those wanting careers as geologists, engineers, business managers, public relations, accounts, environmental scientists, economic analysts and land managers.