Finance with Real Estate


Studying finance lets you explore how corporations maximize return on investment, and how to analyze and manage securities, options, futures, and portfolios. Finance students have the opportunity to take real estate courses and earn a real estate concentration. If your interests include mortgage lending, real estate development, asset management, appraisal, or real estate management, check out the classes in the real estate concentration.

Course Examples by Year


Introductory Microeconomics
Introductory Macroeconomics
Introductory Applied Calculus
Statistical Analysis


Fundamentals of Accounting I
Legal Environment of Business
Foundations of Business
Business Information Systems
Ethical Decision Making


Financial Management
Money & Banking
Investments I
Intermediate Financial Accounting I
Real Estate Principles


Advanced Financial Management
Investments II
Real Estate Finance and Investment Analysis
Real Estate Valuation

Where Graduates Go

Finance graduates earn jobs in portfolio management, investment brokerage, investment banking, commercial banking, corporate finance, real estate, and insurance. Many alumni are investment bankers on Wall Street and portfolio managers with national and regional investment management companies.