Food Management


The Food Management major (FOMA) is designed for students who elect to emphasize practical experience in the food industry and/or the management of food service systems.  Based on their career focus during the junior and senior years, students complete four semesters (16 credit hours) of required supervised practical experience that provides hands-on training in various food service applications, such as restaurant operations, grocery store management, wholesale food distribution, catering, culinary school training, industrial food systems, food banking, research and development, or sales/marketing.  Students have the option to complete an additional six credit hours of supervised practical experience in a culminating internship during the senior year.

  • Course work includes food preparation, meal management and quantity foods; food systems management; human nutrition and applications throughout the lifecycle; food culture; experimental food science; gourmet foods; plus, additional business related courses such as introduction to accounting, principles of marketing, survey of management and financial planning.
  • A minor is required of all food management majors. The business minor is recommended. A minimum 2.7 GPA overall is required to graduate with a major in Food Management.

Where Graduates Go

Graduates of this program are eligible for positions in commercial and institutional food service and management; food production and product development; sales and marketing (food brokers and equipment vendors); supermarkets and distribution; culinary, restaurants, and hotel food and beverage hospitality; consumer education (industry representatives and professional food demonstrators); and/or entrepreneurial ventures (catering, consulting, and restaurant owners).