Studying geography helps you understand how people affect their physical environment through the construction of cities and towns, agriculture, politics, culture, and the economy. You’ll have the opportunity to hit the field during summer study in places like Central America, France, and the Western United States.

  • See life beyond the borders by participating in field trips and summer study in Rome, Paris, Australia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Honduras.
  • Learn from faculty specialists who have traveled the world and make geography come alive in the classroom.
  • Join an exciting program and benefit from frequent interaction with professors.
  • Take regional courses on Western Europe, Latin America, and the United States, and topical courses in cultural, urban, and economic geography.

Course Examples by Year


World Regional Geography


Human Geography


Geography of the United States
Geography of Latin America
Cultural Geography
Intro to Geographic Information Systems


Western Europe
Urban Geography

Where Graduates Go

Geography graduates have careers in education, government agencies, marketing, tourism, and international business. Careers involving the use of Geographic Information Systems — the marriage of
computer and map — are growing rapidly.