Health and Fitness


The Health & Fitness major is designed to prepare students for employment in the highly competitive and rapidly growing fitness industry. Students will acquire necessary skills through coursework, research experience, and internships in a variety of health, fitness, and/or strength and conditioning facilities.

  • Focus on either the enhancement of health and fitness in the average population, or the development of optimal performance in an athletic population via strength and conditioning.
  • Participate in a combined lecture and hands-on laboratory educational program, to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to assess human fitness, and to design the exercise programs necessary to enhance fitness and athletic performance.
  • Get internships in areas of fitness, personal training, corporate wellness, cardiac rehabilitation, and strength and conditioning.
  • Understand the science of fitness with courses in kinesiology, biology, psychology, and health.

Course Examples by Year


Introduction to Kinesiology
Anatomical Kinesiology


Physical Activity & Disability
Exercise Psychology
Nutrition & Physical Activity
Foundations of Sport Injuries


Sport & Exercise Pharmacology
Principles of Strength and Conditioning
Exercise Testing and Prescription
Theory of Coaching
Organizational Management


Exercise Physiology
Motor Behavior
Advanced Strength & Conditioning
Study of Human Disease

Where Graduates Go

Recent Health & Fitness graduates are working as exercise specialists, fitness directors, strength and conditioning coaches, and personal trainers. Others pursue graduate degrees and become exercise physiologists or health and fitness educators.