Healthy Aging


The interdisciplinary minor will equip students across disciplines with skills and knowledge to work with a rapidly increasing aging population in the workforce, our families, and our communities. National demographic trends indicate that the 65 and older population will continue to grow. As a result, we will encounter older adults as customers; consumers; clients; producers; recipients of products, services and programs; and family members. The Healthy Aging minor will prepare TCU students to recognize the multiple strengths, resources, and needs of this population and to respond with creative and ethical opportunities.

Course Examples by Year


Human Development


Sociology of Aging
Aging Nation: Social and Public Policy Issues


Concepts of Gerontological Nursing
Death and Dying: Sociological Viewpoints


Interdisciplinary Approaches to Healthy Aging
Physical Activity and Aging
Contemporary Topics in Psychology: Models of Stress and Health

Where Graduates Go

This minor will prepare any graduate who will be working with seniors to better meet the needs of that population, whether a nurse, social worker, sociologist, psychology major, kinesiology major, or other.