John V. Roach Honors College



The John V. Roach Honors College is a community of academic excellence in which highly engaged students from every discipline and major on campus work collaboratively with peers and faculty mentors in small, interactive courses and other high-impact learning experiences such as study abroad, interdisciplinary inquiry, service learning, and undergraduate research. The Honors curriculum is designed to help exceptionally motivated students discover their unique passions, strengths, and voices as learners.

The John V. Roach Honors College seeks thoughtful, tenacious students who are hungry to inquire and create, eager to discover themselves and the world beyond, to listen, to speak up, and to grow.

Honors requirements are integrated into each students’ academic program (e.g., Honors courses that satisfy TCU Core Curriculum requirements).  Students can therefore complete their Honors requirements without additional credit hours.  A dedicated team of professional academic advisors assists students as they navigate the Honors curriculum and develop their individualized TCU Honors experience.

Course Examples by Year

Lower-Division Honors

First- and second-year Honors students take two Cultural Visions courses and three Honors elective courses.

Cultural Visions courses

  • ENGL 20913 – Literature and Civilizations I
  • HNRS 20113 – College Life and Identity
  • HNRS 20403 – Faith and Social Movements
  • PHIL 10103 – Mind, Meaning, and Morality

Honors Elective courses

  • HNRS 20623 – Honors Special Topics: The Genius of Hip-Hop
  • POSC 20123 – Intro to American Politics
  • SCIE 20303 – Whiskey: Science and History
  • HNRS 20813 – Philosophy and Science of Social Justice

Upper-Division Honors

Junior and senior Honors students may pursue University Honors, Departmental Honors, or both.

 University Honors

To earn University Honors, students complete three Honors colloquia: discussion-centered seminars in which professors and students explore questions of enduring significance in the context of multiple academic disciplines.

Departmental Honors

To earn Departmental Honors, students complete a research or creative project in their major or minor under the supervision of a faculty mentor.

Where Graduates Go

Recent Honors College graduates have pursued advanced degrees from notable institutions such as Vanderbilt, Harvard, and Oxford, are have become key players in molecular biology, education, law, business, medicine, the tech industry, and more. Honors alums have also made headlines through philanthropic endeavors, such as completing an 850-mile bike ride to raise money for a Ugandan Village.