Latina/o Studies


Latina/o Studies is an interdisciplinary minor that enables students to explore the multiple cultures and traditions of the Latina/o world in the United States, and their significance in American life. Students in the minor may select from course offerings in the humanities and the social sciences focusing on the cultural, political, historical, religious, and social dimensions of U.S. Latina/o communities. Courses include topics such as Mexican-American history; culture and folklore; Hispanic-American literatures; U.S.-Latin American relations; and the comparative study of Hispanic-American ethnic groups.

Course Examples by Year


Race, Ethnicity and Politics in the United States


Mexican American Literature and Culture in the Borderlands
The United States and Latin America
Being Latina/o & Religious in the United States


Studies in Anthropology: Dynamics of Mexican-American Culture
Race Issues in Criminal Justice
Topics in American Politics: U.S. Immigration Politics & Policy


Studies in Anthropology: Mexican-American Folklore
Topics in American Politics: Latino Politics

Other courses may be applied to the minor with the approval of the minor coordinator of the Associate Dean of AddRan College.