Military Science


As an Army ROTC cadet, you will learn and perform military processes and come to understand the military way of life. Special instruction – academic, social, and ethical – will prepare you for service to your country and for a lifetime of success as a leader. As an Army officer, the significant responsibility and opportunity to lead others in varied conditions and situations distinguishes you from your peers. The combination of technical skills, experience and proven leadership will serve to expand your horizons and vastly increase your worth to corporate America.

  • Develop your strength as a leader by starting with the Army ROTC. TCU’s Department of Military Science Program offers dynamic and interactive training that focuses on complete leadership development.
  • It’s the one program that allows you to earn your college degree and become a leader right after graduation, as an Officer in the Army, Army Reserve or Army National Guard.
  • All Military Science classes are officially recognized and count for academic credit count toward your degree as electives.
  • In addition to our on-campus training program, we also offer training opportunities throughout the world. Participating cadets can travel to Japan, Germany, England and throughout the United States and to more than 30 countries to receive hands-on, practical training with active-duty units of all types. Other training opportunities include Airborne School to learn to parachute, Air Assault School to master repelling from helicopters, or Northern Warfare or Mountain Warfare School to learn survival skills in these climates.
  • The leadership skills you develop in Army ROTC, along with the additional confidence you gain, will help build the kind of strong future of which you can be proud.

Course Examples by Year


Introduction to Leadership
Leadership Lab


Basic Leadership
Leadership Lab


Intermediate Leadership
Leadership Lab


Advanced Leadership
Leadership Lab

Where Graduates Go

Many of today’s top companies are being run by CEOs with Army Reserve or Army National Guard experience. Some of the greatest leaders in our country’s history have been Army Reserve/National Guard officers. That proud tradition continues today. No matter which path you follow, you’ll gain the opportunity to excel as an individual and as a leader.