Physical Education – Strength and Conditioning


The physical education – strength and conditioning major focuses on creating the best opportunities available in the education/coaching world. The physical education portion of this option provides educational preparation for a career in the K-12 physical education teaching profession. The addition of the strength and conditioning emphasis offers the knowledge and skills necessary to become a strength and conditioning coach or a sport-specific coach. Requirements involve criteria for admission and retention to the teacher education program and completion of student teaching (internship). Coaching certification options are available upon completion of the degree.

Course Examples by Year


Introduction to Kinesiology
Anatomical Kinesiology
Elementary Methods


Physical Activity and Disability
Sports Injury
Individual and Dual Sports
Exercise Assessment and Prescription


Sport Psychology or Exercise Psychology
Motor Development
Theory of Coaching
Nutrition and Physical Activity
Principles of Strength and Conditioning
Education Courses


Exercise Physiology
Advanced Strength and Conditioning
Secondary Methods P.E.
Outdoor Education Methods
Education Courses

Where Graduates Go

Physical Education – Strength and Conditioning graduates are prepared to begin teaching and/or coaching after they graduate with physical education K-12 certification and/or coaching certifications. Some will pursue graduate study in pedagogy, sport psychology, sport administration, educational administration, or counseling.