As a Sociology student, you will study social life and the patterns of interaction that make us who we are. You will learn about the social and cultural influences in your life, and how your beliefs and values
are shaped by those influences.

  • Understand more about yourself and your society by studying sociology.
  • Learn how family, work, political and economic institutions, and religious beliefs shape our definitions of ourselves.
  • Take classes in topics such as gender socialization, race and ethnic relations, religion and society, marriage and the family, media and popular culture, crime and law, animals and society, and sociology of the body.
  • Engage in research alongside faculty who study issues like media images of drugs and alcohol, the death penalty, the changing family, urban social movements, internet communities, bodies and embodiment, and the wedding industry.

Course Examples by Year


Introductory Sociology


Social Problems
Sustainability: Environmental, Economic and Social Justice Issues
Sociology of Weddings


Research Methods in Sociology
Sociological Theory
Marriage and Family


American Minority Groups
Popular Culture
Topics Applied Social Research—Ethnography

Where Graduates Go

Sociology graduates begin careers in government, industry, and university settings in areas like market research, promotion and sales, public relations, community development, criminal justice, politics, personnel relations, training and management, and institutional research and planning. TCU’s sociology program also prepares students for law school or other graduate programs.