Spanish and Hispanic Studies

Course Overview

As a student in the Spanish and Hispanic Studies department, you’ll gain fluency in the Spanish language, learn about contemporary daily life in Latin America and Spain, and hone your analytical skills through literature courses.

  • Get your passport to the future and become a citizen of the new global society — where old boundaries are being erased — by becoming comfortable with languages and cultures different from your own.
  • Take profession-focused courses such as Spanish for Business and Spanish for The Health Professions. Study for a year, a semester, or a summer in a Spanish-speaking country.

The department offers two Bachelor of Arts degrees. Spanish and Hispanic Studies and Latin American Studies (LAST). To be launched in fall 2017, LAST is an interdisciplinary major that enables students to take designated courses in other academic disciplines to fulfill their requirements.

Also effective fall 2017, the department will offer language courses in Portuguese. From PORT 10103 students will be able to enroll in 10203 in spring 2018 and move on to take Intermediate Portuguese the following academic year.

Course Examples by Year


Advanced Spanish Grammar
Writing in Spanish


Panorama of Spanish (or Latin American) Literature
Oral Communication in Spanish


Culture of Spain (or Latin America)
Popular Cultures of Spanish Speaking Countries
Service Learning in the Latino Community


Cervantes and the Renaissance
Afro-Hispanic Literature
Senior Seminar

Where Graduates Go

Spanish graduates now have careers in business, government, health care, law, education, and communications. Practically every career is enhanced by knowing Spanish!