Speech-Language Pathology


As a speech-language pathology student, you will learn about the basic processes of communication and its disorders, and about the techniques to treat those disorders effectively. This pre-professional program prepares you for graduate study to meet standards for certification as a professional speech-language pathologist.

  • Take the first step to becoming a licensed speech-language pathologist in the undergraduate, pre-professional program, and prepare for further graduate study.
  • Complete two semesters of clinical practice, working with a variety of clients at TCU’s acclaimed Miller Speech and Hearing Clinic.
  • Get personal instruction and guidance from the faculty.

Course Examples by Year


Survey of Communication Disorders
Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech and Hearing Mechanisms


Language Development in Children
Evidence Based Practice in Speech-Language Pathology
Aural Rehabilitation


Speech and Hearing Science
Clinical Methods
Speech Sound Disorders
Language Disorders in Children


Clinical Practicum
Speech Pathology Electives

Where Graduates Go

Speech-language pathology graduates must complete graduate study to be licensed and certified. TCU’s program has a high success rate of preparing students for top graduate programs. Speech-language pathologists work in hospitals, clinics, schools, colleges and universities, government, and private practice.