Supply and Value Chain Management


Graduates of the Supply and Value Chain major will understand: (1) factors influencing customer demand; (2) the role of information technology in efficient and effective management of the supply chain; (3) the multiple supply chain functions, their roles, and the interrelationships; and (4) the importance of working effectively with customers and suppliers to strengthen relationships and address joint problems or challenges.

  • Supply and Value Chain Management is cross-disciplinary and encompasses interrelated elements of marketing, logistics, purchasing, operations management, and information technology.
  • In today’s highly competitive environment, the multiple firms in a supply chain must be able to collectively respond to rapidly changing customer requirements.
  • To do this efficiently and effectively requires working together across functions within the firm, and beyond the boundaries of the firm, to understand and respond to changing customer requirements and to match supply to customer demand.
  • This program is designed to give students the skills and capabilities needed for supply chain positions in companies facing such challenges.

Course Examples by Year


Introductory Microeconomics
Introductory Macroeconomics
Introductory Applied Calculus
Statistical Analysis


Fundamentals of Accounting I
Legal Environment of Business
Foundations in Business
Business Information Systems
Supply Chain Management


Systems Planning & Process Analysis
Business Applications in Excel
Procurement & Supply Management
Enterprise Wide Information Systems
Demand Planning & Management


Logistics & Transportation
Supply Chain Strategy
Strategic Management

Where Graduates Go

Career opportunities exist in logistics or distribution, sales forecasting and planning, purchasing, inventory analysis, supply chain information systems, consulting, retailers, and manufacturing firms.