Women and Gender Studies

Course Overview

Students pursuing the Women and Gender Studies undergraduate minor or emphasis explore issues related to women and gender from a variety of interdisciplinary approaches, emphasizing the intersections of gender with race, ethnicity, class, and sexuality.

Women and Gender Studies promotes critical thought and reflection, trains students in sensitivity to multiple perspectives, and encourages students to live out TCU’s mission to educate ethical leaders who will change the world. In the diverse workplaces of today’s professional world, individuals educated in the critical theories and methods of Women and Gender Studies have highly valuable skills.

Course Examples by Year


English- Intro to Composition: Masculinity
Strategic Communications- Diversity
Women and Gender Studies- Introduction to Women and Gender Studies


English- Girls’ Studies
Writing- Writing Games: Gender and Sexuality in Video Games


Anthropology- Sex, Gender, and Ethnicity
Art History- Women and the Visual Arts
Film, TV, Digital Media- American Cinema: Queer Theory/LGBT Film
History- Women in the Middle East
Political Science- Political Economy of Human Trafficking


Education- Diversity in American Education
History- War & Gender in US History
Journalism- Women in Media
Women and Gender Studies- Advanced Seminar

Where Graduates Go

A Women and Gender Studies minor will prepare you to navigate gendered workplaces and contribute your expertise in understanding and addressing dynamics related to gender, diversity, and equity in many different professions. Some of our most recent graduates are pursuing careers in teaching, public relations, journalism, business, politics, and the non-profit sector. Other Women and Gender Studies minors are enrolled in law school or graduate programs in women, gender, and sexuality studies, political science, English, media studies, history, social work, and the seminary.