While there is not always agreement on what, how, and why things happened, the value of studying history is clear. As a History student, you’ll develop a set of skills in research, analysis, writing, and
critical thinking that are in high demand in a wide variety of fields.

  • Prepare for the future by studying the past. A knowledge of history can help you understand the events of today.
  • History is one of the traditional liberal arts majors that can help you lay a foundation for graduate study, or any career path.
  • Take courses in the history of the ancient world, the United States, Early Modern Europe, Modern Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and Asia.

Course Examples by Year


European History Survey
U.S. History Survey
Middle East History Survey


Texas History
Modern Egypt


The United States and Latin America
The Renaissance
Modern China


History Major Seminar (Capstone Research Course)
Civil Rights Movement in America
Twentieth Century Britain

Where Graduates Go

History majors can choose any career path that interests them. In addition to careers in the corporate world, TCU History majors go on to careers in law, civil service, museum work, and education.