Latin American Studies


As a Latin American Studies (LAST) major, you’ll gain fluency in the Spanish language, gain a working knowledge of the Portuguese language, learn about contemporary daily life in Latin America, and hone your analytical skills through the study of literature and other fields of study. While this major overlaps with the traditional Spanish major, there are several key components that highlight the uniqueness of the B.A. in Latin American Studies:

  • The focus is on Latin America. This includes Brazil, the country with the largest land mass and the largest population of the region.
  • Two semesters of Portuguese are required.
  • There is an interdisciplinary component, which allows students to take courses on Latin America in departments outside of Spanish and Hispanic Studies.
  • Study for a year, a semester, or a summer in a Spanish-speaking country or in Portuguese-speaking Brazil.

Course Examples by Year


Writing in Spanish
Beginning Portuguese


Panorama of Latin American Literature
Oral Communication in Spanish


Culture of Latin America
Geography of Latin America
Latina Feminist Religious Thought


Luso-Brazilian and Hispanic Literatures
Borderland Cultures
Latin American Studies Seminar

A student may not double major in both LAST and Spanish & Hispanic Studies but may major in LAST and minor in Spanish & Hispanic Studies. No course, however, may be applied to both the major and the minor.

Where Graduates Go

Latin American Studies graduates go in many different directions including business, government, health care, law, education, and communications. Spanish and Portuguese language skills, along with a cultural and historical understanding of Latin America, will make students marketable in any number of careers both in the U.S. and abroad.