As a Mathematics student, you’ll learn the language and methods of mathematics to solve problems in a variety of disciplines.

  • Mix theoretical and applied coursework.
  • Learn from outstanding and award-winning teachers with doctoral degrees from Berkeley, Chicago, Harvard, Michigan, Princeton, Rice, and other top-rated universities.
  • Graduate with a wide range of future opportunities.

Students interested in the Actuarial Science concentration should refer to the Actuarial Science page.

Course Examples by Year


Calculus I and II
Discrete Mathematics I


Linear Algebra
Calculus III
Introduction to Mathematical Proof
Physics I and II
Introduction to Programming


Discrete Mathematics II
Abstract Algebra I


Real Analysis I
Math Electives

Where Graduates Go

Recent Mathematics graduates are working in education; finance and industry for companies such as Lockheed Martin, Deloitte, Goldman Sachs; and serving in the armed forces. Double majors use mathematics in conjunction with their other major. Others pursue graduate study in mathematics, statistics, data science, education, finance, medicine, or law.