Course Overview

As a Mathematics student, you’ll learn the language and methods of mathematics to solve problems in a wide range of disciplines.

  • Multiply your options when you learn how to solve practical and theoretical problems in a wide range of settings and disciplines, such as the physical sciences, business, psychology, the social
    sciences, and computer science.
  • Enhance your chances of success with a concentration in actuarial mathematics — math used to determine insurance rates and financial risk.
  • Learn from outstanding and award-winning teachers with doctoral degrees from Berkeley, Chicago, Harvard, Michigan, Princeton, Rice, and other top-rated universities.

Course Examples by Year


Calculus I and II
Discrete Mathematics I


Linear Algebra
Calculus III
Discrete Mathematics II
Physics I and II


Abstract Algebra I
Math Electives
Introduction to Programming


Real Analysis I
Math Elective

Students interested in the Actuarial Science concentration take courses in Economics, Accounting, and Finance, in addition to Mathematics courses. Actuarial Science is available as both a major and minor.

Where Graduates Go

Recent Mathematics graduates are working in education, banking, computer engineering, information systems, and insurance for companies like Mercer, Best Buy, RadioShack, PepsiCo, and Lockheed Martin. Others pursue graduate study at institutions like Harvard, Dartmouth, Indiana, and Iowa.