Credit by Exam

Through several methods, above-average students may earn academic credit for college-level learning by taking an examination in the appropriate area. The following points are the student’s responsibility and should be noted.

  • Credit granted can be used to satisfy specific, general or elective degree requirements, as determined by the academic dean.
  • Credit by examination is not assigned a letter grade and is not counted toward special recognition or honors.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to discuss pending AP, CLEP, IB or SAT Subject Tests results with his or her academic advisor prior to registration. Duplicate credit is not allowed for credit by examination and class work.
  • Credit by examination will not be granted in a lower-level course once credit has been awarded by class work or exam in a more advanced course.
  • Credit by examination must be documented by an official score report from the examining agency. It will not be taken from another college or university transcript.
  • Currently enrolled TCU students should obtain prior approval from their academic dean before taking CLEP examinations.
  • Credit by examination may be awarded only in the first 66 semester hours of college credit.
  • Credit may not be earned by examination in any course previously failed, audited or taken for noncredit at TCU.
  • Credit for departmental examinations awarded by other institutions will not transfer to TCU.

For specific information, click the name of the examination program below:

College Board Advanced Placement Program (AP)

AP SubjectScoreTCU EquivalentCredit
Art History3100433 sem. hrs.
Studio Art: Drawing101033 sem. hrs.
Biology3100033 sem. hrs.‡ 
10000 4 sem. hrs.‡ 
10000, 10511/3 8 sem. hrs.‡ 
Chemistry  10113 3 sem. hrs. 
10113, 10125 8 sem. hrs. 
Chinese  10153, 10163 6 sem. hrs. 
10153, 10163, 20053 9 sem. hrs.
10153, 10163, 20053, 20063 12 sem. hrs. 
Computer Science
A4 or 5 10403 3 sem. hrs. 
Macroeconomics 10233 3 sem. hrs. 
Microeconomics 10223 3 sem. hrs. 
Language and Composition 310803 3 sem hrs. 
Language and Composition 4 or 5 10803, 20803 6 sem hrs. 
Literature and Composition 10803 3 sem hrs. 
Literature and Composition 4 or 5 10803,10103 6 sem hrs. 
Environmental Science4 or 5 10143 3 sem hrs. 
American History 4 or 5 10603, 10613 6 sem. hrs. 
European History 4 or 5  10223 3 sem. hrs. 
World History 4 or 5  105503 sem. hrs. 
Human Geography4 or 5 10500 3 sem. hrs.
Calculus AB 10283 3 sem. hrs.
Calculus AB 4 or 5 10524 4 sem. hrs. 
Calculus BC 3 or 4 10524 4 sem. hrs. 
Calculus BC 10524, 20524 8 sem. hrs. 
Statistics 3, 4, or 5 10043 3 sem. hrs. 
Modern Languages
French Language/Literature 10153, 10163 6 sem. hrs. 
French Language/Literature 10153, 10163, 20053 9 sem. hrs. 
French Language/Literature 10153, 10163, 20053, 20063 12 sem. hrs. 
German, Latin, Italian10153, 101636 sem. hrs. 
German, Latin, Italian10153, 10163, 200539 sem. hrs. 
German, Latin, Italian10153, 10163, 20053, 20063 12 sem. hrs. 
Spanish Language/Literature 10103, 102036 sem. hrs. 
Spanish Language/Literature 10103, 10203, 20103, 2020312 sem. hrs. 
Spanish Language/Literature 10103, 10203, 20103, 20203 12 sem. hrs. 
Physics 14 or 5101544 sem. hrs.
Physics 24 or 5 10164 4 sem. hrs. 
C - Mechanical4 or 5 204744 sem. hrs. 
C - Electricity & Magnetism 4 or 5 20484 4 sem. hrs.
Political Science
U.S. Government 3, 4 or 5 10000 3 sem. hrs. 
Comparative Government and Politics3, 4 or 5 10000 3 sem. hrs. 
Psychology4 or 510500 3 sem. hrs. 

College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)

CLEP SubjectScoreTCU EquivalentCredit
American Government55100003 sem. hrs.
Biology55100033 sem. hrs. ‡
Biology6510511/34 sem. hrs. ‡
Chemistry65101133 sem. hrs.
Chemistry7010113, 101258 sem. hrs.
Principles of Macroeconomics55102333 sem. hrs.
Principles of Microeconomics55102233 sem. hrs.
English  (with essay)
English Composition55108033 sem. hrs.
(TCU does not accept the College Composition Modular)
History of the United States I55106033 sem. hrs.
History of the United States II55106133 sem. hrs.
Western Civilization I55102033 sem. hrs.
Western Civilization II55102233 sem. hrs.
Humanities55102006 sem. hrs.
Introductory Psychology65105003 sem. hrs.
Introductory Sociology55105003 sem. hrs.
Calculus65105244 sem. hrs.
Modern Languages
French or German Language5010153, 101636 sem. hrs.
French Language6210153, 10163, 20053, 2006312 sem. hrs.
German Language6310153, 10163, 10173, 2006312 sem. hrs.
Spanish Language5010103, 102036 sem. hrs.
Spanish Language6610103, 10203, 20103, 2020312 sem. hrs.
Natural Sciences55102106 sem. hrs.
Social Sciences and History55102006 sem. hrs.

SAT Subject Tests

Students will receive 6 hours of second year language credit for the following languages by presenting the necessary scores on the SAT Subject Tests as indicated:

  • Chinese 630
  • French 640
  • German 630
  • Hebrew 540
  • Italian 630
  • Japanese 620
  • Latin 630
  • Spanish 630

Placement: Scores between 500 and the scores listed above on the SAT Subject Tests test allow placement without credit in second year language courses on a trial basis.

International Baccalaureate

IB SubjectScoreTCU EquivalentCore CodeMax Credit*
Art (Visual)5, 6, 7 HLARHI 10000FAR3 sem. hrs.
5, 6, 7 HLARHI 102003 sem. hrs.
Biology5, 6 HLBIOL 10003NSC3 sem. hrs.
7 HLBIOL 10501/3, 10511/3NSC (10501/3)8 sem. hrs.
Business & Management5, 6, 7 HLBUSI 102006 sem. hrs.
Chemistry6 HLCHEM 101133 sem. hrs.
7 HLCHEM 10113, 10125NSC (10125)8 sem. hrs
Economics5, 6, 7 HLECON 10223SSC3 sem. hrs.
5, 6, 7 HLECON 10233SSC3 sem. hrs.
Language A5, 6 HLENGL 10103HUM, LT3 sem. hrs.
7 HLENGL 10103, 10133HUM, LT6 sem. hrs.
Film5, 6, 7 HLFTDM 102003 sem. hours
Geography5, 6, 7 HLGEOG 10000SSC3 sem. hrs.
5, 6, 7 HLGEOG 102003 sem. hrs.
Geology5, 6, 7 HLGEOL 10113NSC3 sem. hrs.
5, 6, 7 HLGEOL 102003 sem. hrs.
Americas5, 6, 7 HLHIST 10500SSC, HT3 sem. hrs.
5, 6, 7 HLHIST 10000HT3 sem. hrs.
Europe5, 6, 7 HLHIST 10000HT6 sem. hrs.
Information Technology in a Global Society5, 6, 7 HLCITE 102006 sem. hrs.
Mathematics/Math Studies6, 7 SLMATH 10000MTH4 sem. hrs.
6, 7 HLMATH 10000, 10524MTH8 sem. hrs.
Modern Languages
French5, 6, 7 HLFREN 20053, 200636 sem. hrs.
German5, 6, 7 HLGRMN 20053, 200636 sem. hrs.
Greek5, 6, 7 HLGREE 20053, 200636 sem. hrs.
Japanese5, 6, 7 HLJAPN 20053, 200636 sem. hrs.
Spanish5, 6, 7 HLSPAN 20103, 202036 sem. hrs.
Language  (not taught at TCU)5, 6, 7 HLLANG 200006 sem. hrs.
Philosophy5, 6, 7 HLPHIL 100033 sem. hrs.
Physics5, 6, 7 HLPHYS 10154, 10164NSC8 sem. hrs.
Political Science
Global Politics5, 6, 7 HLPOSC 10000SSC3 sem. hrs.
Psychology5, 6, 7 HLPSYC 10500, 102006 sem. hrs.
Religion5, 6, 7 HLRELI 10000HUM, RT3 sem. hrs.
5, 6, 7 HLRELI 102003 sem. hrs.
Sociology5, 6, 7 HLSOCI 10500SSC3 sem. hrs.
5, 6, 7 HLSOCI 102003 sem. hrs.
Theatre Arts5, 6, 7 HLTHEA 10000FAR3 sem. hrs.
5, 6, 7 HLTHEA 102003 sem. hrs.

Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE, GCE A and AS Levels)

TCU awards 6-8 credit hours per A-Level subject in which a student scores a C or better.

TCU awards 3-4 credit hours per AS-Level subject in which a student scores a C or better.

Credit by Portfolio Assessment

Devised primarily for the experienced professional, “Credit by Portfolio Assessment” is available in some, but not all academic fields at TCU. Limited credit may be granted for a portfolio demonstrating learning gained through college-level life experience. The portfolio is assessed by TCU faculty. Details of this program are available from the Office of Extended Education, 817.257.7130.

Advanced Standing Examinations in Nursing

Prospective students who have had previous nursing education and nursing experience, the necessary prerequisite course credits and the required cumulative grade point average may be eligible to take advanced standing examinations in nursing.

Registered nurses from associate degree and diploma programs may be granted credit on the basis of examination. All advanced standing examinations in nursing may include both written and performance components. Credit by portfolio assessment is also available.

Licensed vocational nurses with extensive clinical experience may also qualify for credit by examination for lower level course work. The cost is the same per semester hour for theory and practicum courses. The courses and credit hours for both credit by examination and portfolio assessment are limited.

Prospective students are requested to write or contact the Director of Harris School of Nursing to discuss their programs and their eligibility status for advanced standing examinations.

Conference Examinations in Music

Upon the recommendation of the School of Music, credit may be given for the following courses as specified below. The fee is $10 per semester hour.

Music 10201, 10211

Students with an extensive background in aural and oral skills are encouraged to apply through the School of Music to take an examination assessing their ability in these areas. This examination may lead to advanced standing.

Music 10203, 10213

Students with formal training in general music literacy, including the writing of four-part harmony, are encouraged to apply through the School of Music for an individual conference and examination. This examination may lead to advanced standing.