TCU Nursing Supplement

Applicants to TCU’s nursing major are required to answer the supplemental questions below. These questions are accessed through an online form that is linked through the portal. Students will receive portal registration instructions after submitting an application. Early Action and Early Decision students have until November 15 to submit their responses. Regular Decision students have until February 15 to submit their responses. Responses are accepted only through the online form linked through the portal that is accessible after a student submits the TCU application.

1. Each of our nursing applicants share a common thread: the sincere desire to help others. With that in mind, we appreciate additional insight. Please describe the moment that nursing became your calling. (Recommended Length: 250 words) *

2. How have you prepared, both academically and experientially, for the pursuit of a Bachelor of Science in Nursing? (Recommended Length: 250 words) *

3. Due to the limited number of spots within nursing, the selection process is highly competitive. If we are unable to offer you admission to nursing, would you be interested in attending TCU with your second choice major? *