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Undergraduate Admissions

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When you have decided that you are going to attend TCU, you'll have the opportunity to pay a non-refundable commitment deposit of $500. Payment of your deposit counts as a partial payment of tuition, saves your place in the class, and allows you to register for classes, orientation and Frog Camp. Your commitment deposit can be paid online at or by calling the TCU Office of Admission at 817-257-7490. Deposits can be made up to the first day of class. There is no deadline to deposit for transfer students.

Typically, fall applicants can register for classes in early June and most spring applicants can register in early December. First-year students, who have recently graduated from high school and are in their second semester of college are required to attend orientation and will register at that time. The official registration dates and departmental phone numbers will be in your admission packet.

It is strongly recommended that you come for a personal advising session, but if that is not possible, you may be able to schedule an appointment over the phone. In the summer, professors may be on vacation or away, so please be flexible and patient. Advising will always be available during first-year and transfer orientations. To find out when advising is scheduled, you can contact the Orientation department. Bring your transcript evaluation with you when you come in for advising.

Registration for classes is online. You can visit the Registrar’s FAQ page to learn how to enroll online.

No. New students, both transfer and first-year, must enroll after all TCU students have had the opportunity to register. Once you are a student at TCU, you will be assigned an enrollment appointment based on how many cumulative hours you have. The more hours you have earned, the earlier you can register for classes. All students enroll online.

Since professors may not be on campus for the summer, the first time you are advised, it may be with the Chair of the academic department in which you are majoring. Before you enroll for your next semester, you will be assigned your permanent advisor, who will work with you the rest of the time you are at TCU.

Financial aid awards are sent in mid to late November for spring applicants and scholarship and financial aid awards are sent as early as mid-June for fall applicants. Since scholarships are used for recruiting, students who are admitted for and enroll at TCU are not eligible for future merit scholarships.

Transfer Orientations are usually held in June and August for the fall and the Thursday and Friday before the first day of the Spring semester.

No, but it is highly recommended that you attend orientation. During Orientation, you will meet other students transferring to TCU, learn about the core, meet with an advisor, learn how to get involved on campus, set up your email and much more. You can either attend the one day transfer orientation or a two day first-year student orientation. Although you may have been to an orientation at your previous school, what you learned may not apply at TCU. Each school is different and it is best to learn about TCU at our Orientation. If you have questions or problems, please contact orientation at 817-257-7855.

Frog Camp immerses you in TCU history and traditions, helps you establish new friendships, and guides you in acquiring the skills you need to be successful in college. A variety of activities like Challenge Course elements, Spirit Sessions, Frog Group discussions, and even campfires (complete with marshmallows for s’mores!) ensure that you will have the know-how and friendships to make the most of your college years.

Unlike Orientation, Frog Camp is an optional program offered to introduce students to college life and relationships. Because each camp has limited space, early registration will help you ensure that you get the camp you want.

Transfer students are invited to live in the residence halls on a space-available basis. Students must pay the


commitment deposit and submit Bacterial Meningitis vaccination records to the TCU Health Center before June 1 in order to have access to the housing application. Once you are admitted, it is important to apply for housing as early as possible in order to reserve a space in a hall. We also have the GrandMarc apartments. These apartments are privately owned and operated and not considered on campus housing, but will satisfy the TCU residency requirement. If you have any questions or problems, please contact Residential Services at 817-257-7865. 
We require that you send us your final semester grades as soon as they are posted. If you wish to be considered for Fall scholarships, the official transcript must arrive before June 1st. Fall applicants cannot register for a class without an official transcript with their spring grades. For Spring applicants, an official transcript with your final semester’s grades must arrive by the first day of class or you will be removed from your classes. Please contact the TCU Office of Admission if you have any questions.
Spring grades must be sent as soon as they are posted. If you are also taking summer classes, please send an additional transcript once those classes are completed and graded.
The answer to this question will be different for each person. (The Greek system is part of the total life of TCU.) Approximately 35 percent of full-time undergraduate students are members of social fraternities and sororities. TCU recognizes 41 national sororities and fraternities. Formal recruitment for most of the groups occurs early in the fall semester. Traditionally, about 10 percent of the individuals who participate in recruitment will be sophomore and junior students.
All prospective transfer students must complete and submit the Disciplinary Standing Form as part of their admission application into TCU.  This form provides us the necessary information pertaining to a student’s disciplinary history and standing at other institutions of higher education.

Statement of Good Disciplinary Standing Form