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TCU is a Top 100 university with a vibrant campus and spirited community. Whether you're a high school senior or a transfer student eager to join the Horned Frog family, the college application process can be exciting and daunting. To help you navigate this journey, we have five essentials to know about applying to TCU.
1. We Review Applicants Holistically
Our commitment to holistic admission means we look beyond GPAs and (optional) test scores, at a comprehensive view of each applicant. While academic achievements are crucial, we also consider factors such as extracurricular activities, leadership roles, community involvement and personal essays. Your application is a chance to authentically highlight your interests and the experiences that have shaped you into who you are. Remember to approach the application process authentically and highlight your achievements, interests and personality. Craft a genuine and thoughtful essay that reflects your true self.

2. We Review All Applicants for Scholarship
We automatically consider applicants for academic scholarships and TCU offers special eligibility scholarships you can apply for. Check our website for more information about the Chancellor's Scholarship.
About 77% of students rely on financial aid, including scholarships, loans, grants and work-study opportunities. To be considered for the maximum amount of aid, complete both the FAFSA and CSS Profile (international students will only complete the CSS Profile).

Additionally, check Horned Frog Scholar Search and outside/private sources for specific scholarships you may be eligible for, as there are many opportunities based on different criteria and interests. Visit our Scholarships & Financial Aid website to learn more about cost and aid.

3. We Offer Early and Regular Deadlines
TCU offers four different deadline rounds for first-year applicants. Check out all first-year deadlines and the application checklist. The transfer early action deadline is February 1 and the final deadline is June 1. Check out all transfer deadlines and the application checklist. If you change your mind about your decision round, you can change it in your myTCU portal.

Early Decision I
Deadline: November 1
When you'll receive a decision: By January 1
The bottom line: Early Decision is a binding decision that includes a contract that you, your school counselor and guardian all sign that essentially states that you’re committing to coming to TCU if admitted. This is a great move for students who are completely, 100% all about TCU. The $500 nonrefundable Commitment Deposit is due by January 15.

Early Action
Deadline: November 1
When you'll receive a decision: By January 1
The bottom line: Early Action is a non-binding decision that allows you to apply and receive a decision earlier in the season. You can get a head start on weighing financial aid options and narrowing down your list of top schools. We'll use your transcripts through junior year in your decision.

Early Decision II
February 1
When you'll receive a decision: By March 3
The bottom line: Maybe you're a latecomer to the Horned Frog fandom and that's ok! This binding decision will use your fall grades from senior year, which can help if you need a little more time to build your academic profile and weigh all your college options. The $500 nonrefundable Commitment Deposit is due by March 15.

Regular Decision
February 1
When you'll receive a decision: By April 1
The bottom line: This non-binding decision gives you time to research colleges, use your fall senior year grades for admission and provides flexibility to make the right choice for you. And you'll still have at least a month until the national candidate reply date on May 1 to make your deposit!

4. We Accept Four Different Application Types
We don't prefer any one over the other, so choose which first-year application makes the most sense for you:

 TCU App 

 Common App 

 Coalition App 

 ApplyTexas App 

Transfer applicants will use the TCU application or the Nursing CAS application. Unsure if you're considered a first-year or transfer applicant? Here's a quick test for you. If you've graduated from high school and have completed at least 12 hours at a college during a fall or spring semester, or if you're a veteran, you're a transfer student. All others, even if they've completed college credits during high school, will apply as a first-year student.

5. We Offer Test-Optional Admission
Our test optional policy means that if you do choose to submit test scores, they'll only help your chances of admission. And we've admitted thousands of students and offered millions of dollars in scholarships to students who didn't use their test scores for admission.
Now that you have all the facts, we hope you take time to apply to our campus to earn a world-class education in a tight-knit community with big spirit. We are committed to helping students navigate the college application process and find their best fit, so please reach out to your admission counselor with questions and plan a visit to get the full picture of our campus. Good luck on your application journey, and we look forward to reading your application soon!