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TCU students sitting in a circle at the commons
May is Mental Health Awareness Month and as a college student, I know how challenging it is to earn your best grades while managing friendships, extracurriculars and your physical, emotional and mental health. When the weight of college life becomes overwhelming – and it inevitably will – TCU supports students with amazing programs and resources to mitigate the stress.
First, TCU has an entire organization devoted to positive affirmation and happy words. Impact of Words is an organization, pioneered by a few students a few years ago. Their weekly meetings consist of writing out hundreds and hundreds of positive-affirmation sticky notes. These meetings conclude with a caravan of students, sticky notes in hand, moving around to cover an academic building or residence hall of their choosing with these sticky notes. The entire mission is to spread positivity one word at a time.
In addition to this weekly tradition, they also spearhead the Mental Health Week and Mental Health Mile, a project started by Frog Aides that Impact of Words hosts each year. Mental Health Week offers a variety of daily events, such as sunrise yoga, free massages, and sunflower giveaways. The week ends with a mile-long walk around campus and a delicious meal.

TCU offers many more mental health resources through central offices on campus that offer students tons of resources to de-stress, take a break, and enjoy the little moments. 
TCU’s Campus Recreation and Wellness Promotion office supports students in a variety of ways. FrogLife, one of the most notable programs from this office, supports students through wellness education. They host fun events to teach students wellness strategies.

This office also hosts a few wellness workshops each month. These workshops inform students about resources that TCU offers to improve their habits while promoting positive mental health. They cover many topics, including sleeping for success, time management, relaxation techniques, mindful moments, and even financial wellness.
TCU’s Counseling and Mental Health Center, ranked #11 in the nation by The Princeton Review, offers counseling and peer support resources to all students. Their goal is to provide mental health services to any student who seeks them out. They offer a 24/7 mental health crisis hotline, psychiatric services, self-management tools, online screenings, peer support communities and resources for student athletes.
TCU is here to support you. Their resources are phenomenal and faculty and staff do amazing work to support students through the good and the bad, ensuring that each student feels like they can call TCU home.
Ryan Thorpe is an undergraduate junior double majoring in Journalism and Communication Studies. He is a competition reality TV connoisseur, loves garlic hummus with pita chips and is weirdly good at Mario Kart (but only on the Wii).