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TCU sports journalism student Olivia Lee reporting with Fox Sports
For most of my life, I have been drawn to becoming a journalist in some capacity. I pursued a career in sports journalism when I started at TCU in 2020, seeing how greatly the student body embraces athletics on campus.
My experience in the Bob Schieffer College of Communication and the Film Television Digital Media program has shaped me into the person I am today.                 
Olivia Lee at the TCU basketball stadium From the time I started at TCU, I embraced the program in as many ways as I could, filling my plate to its greatest capacity to better understand what my career could become in the world of sports. I learned about the opportunities to work both with the student-run media group, TCU 360, and the TCU Athletics and Marketing departments to cover sports on campus. 
This was a huge opportunity to dip my toes into the journalism world and understand what it takes to make it into an industry that can often be overwhelming. 
Olivia Lee with a friend at TCU gameFrom then on, my involvement on campus soared, as I joined the Athletics department as a Carter Host, a football recruiting position that allowed me many opportunities to connect with student-athletes and coaches.
I used my connections to cover athletics on the side as well, writing and recording for TCU 360 by creating feature stories and interviews for the website and building my portfolio of work.

I learned early on that as a woman working in a male-dominated industry, determination and preparation served me greatly. Through hard work and perseverance, I successfully secured two summer internships with Fox Sports during the summers following my sophomore and junior years of college.
My time with Fox afforded me opportunities that I cannot begin to express enough gratitude for. Most notably, I was able to shadow sideline reporters Erin Andrews and Jenny Taft, as well as work with the Big Noon Kickoff team and NFL on Fox’s world renowned broadcast including Kevin Burkhardt and Greg Olsen during a Super Bowl year. I have also worked as a runner for the AFC Playoffs and on set for Race Hub on Fox, a daily show running out of North Carolina on FS1.  
After returning from my summer with Fox, I was offered the opportunity to host my own live show at Jon’s Grille interviewing athletes, as well as cover TCU basketball and baseball all season long with pre- and post-game shows and interviews. 

These opportunities and relationships have created a network and status for me as an aspiring journalist that is beyond what I could have wished for as a little girl. 
Olivia Lee Selfie at the AT&T Stadium As I conclude my journey as a Horned Frog, I reflect on my favorite experience as a production intern with the Dallas Cowboys, which proved to be the most rewarding of them all. Standing alongside a few TCU peers on the Cowboys sideline, amidst a legendary team that reshaped the NFL, was a surreal moment that will forever live in my memory.
These experiences wrapped into one are just a small piece of the unbelievable time I have had at Texas Christian University. The professors, staff, students and colleagues I've encountered over the past four years have profoundly impacted my life and enriched my experience. As I say farewell to my Horned Frog family, I know I can rely on cherished connections and this supportive community for years to come.

Olivia earned a degree in sports broadcasting with minors in business and journalism and is actively interviewing for positions to launch her career in sports journalism.