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Undergraduate Admissions

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Sandra Falcon's profile

Sandra Falcon

Administrative Assistant

Christi Garza's profile

Christi Garza

Administrative Assistant

Susan Kruse's profile

Susan Kruse

Operations Specialist

Loan Le's profile

Loan Le

Administrative Assistant

Theresa Lumpkins's profile

Theresa Lumpkins

Marketing & Communication Associate

Carla Mass's profile

Carla Mass

Operations Specialist

Kevin McDonald's profile

Kevin McDonald

Director of Admission Systems & Analytics

Mike Mooneyham's profile

Mike Mooneyham

Director of Admission Operations

Jenny Moore's profile

Jenny Moore

Assistant Director of Admission Marketing

Elizabeth Rainwater's profile

Elizabeth Rainwater

Director of Admission Marketing

Nicole Sinclair's profile

Nicole Sinclair

Administrative Assistant

Sara Sorenson's profile

Sara Sorenson

Assistant Director of Admission Systems

Shelly Tatum's profile

Shelly Tatum

Data Control Specialist

Nicole Whiteside's profile

Nicole Whiteside

Administrative Assistant

Marva Wood's profile

Marva Wood

Financial Manager