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Undergraduate Admissions

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Scholarship & Aid

Academic Scholarships

The Office of Admission awards academic scholarships to our highest achieving admitted students. These competitive awards are based primarily on a combination of grades, ACT or SAT score and curriculum rigor. For purposes of both admission and scholarship consideration, TCU superscores both the ACT and the SAT.

TCU is test-optional for the high school class of 2021 and ACT/SAT scores are not considered for scholarship awards for these applicants. 

  Overall GPA* ACT Score SAT Score
Chancellor's Scholarship
(Full tuition for four years) 
4.0 34 1500
Dean's Scholarship
($23k per year) 
3.91 33 1470
Faculty Scholarship
($20k per year) 
3.79 31 1390
TCU Scholarship
($16k per year) 
3.75 30 1350
Founders' Scholarship
($12k per year)
3.69 29 1320
All Scholarships 3.8 31 1400

Meeting the marks listed on this scholarship table does not guarantee any level of scholarship.

* Grade Point Average includes un-weighted grades earned from coursework in the following academic disciplines: English, Humanities, Languages other than English (LOTE), Math, Science, and Social Science

Scholarship Yearly Value Hours GPA
Chancellor's Full Tuition for 3 years 60 3.85
TCC Cornerstone $30,000 for 3 years 60 3.85
Dean's $23,000 for 4 years 12 3.75
Faculty $20,000 for 4 years 12 3.5
Phi Theta Kappa  (TCU Sponsored) $20,000 for 4 years 12 3.25
TCU Scholarship $16,000 for 4 years 12 3.25
Founder's $12,000 for 4 years 12 3.0
Gideon Scholarship for community college Education majors $12,500 for 2 years    
Sandra Brown Excellence in Literary Fiction Full Tuition for 2 years    

Transfer scholarships are automatically awarded when minimum requirements are met (except for Chancellor's).


Performance-Based Scholarships

Artists train for years, and the most promising and talented are awarded with performance-based scholarships.

The College of Fine Arts offers a range of many scholarships across all disciplines. Students interested in consideration for a performance-based scholarship in the fine arts should prepare to audition or submit a portfolio. Examples of awards and requirements are as follows:

Performance Area Number of Annual Awards Annual Value Total Value (over four years) Award Requirement Other Financial Aid Options
Dance  Multiple $2,500 - $15,000 $10,000 - $60,000  Must audition in person  
Theatre  Multiple $1,500 - Full tuition  $6,000 - Full tuition Must audition for BFA in person All students admitted to the BFA Theatre major will receive a scholarship of at least $2,000 per year. 35-40 students will receive production grants valued at $3,000 - $6,000 per year in return for 10 hours per week of theatre production work in a campus production.
Graphic Design  One-to-four $2,200 to $10,000 minimum $40,000 minimum Must submit portfolio with application. Renewable by portfolio review up to eight semesters.  
Studio Art  Two-to-four $10,000 minimum $40,000 minimum Must submit portfolio with application. Renewable by portfolio review up to eight semesters.  


Music  Multiple $1,500 - Full tuition $6,000 - Full tuition Separate application and audition required  $3,000 Marching Band scholarship