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Undergraduate Admissions

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Academic Scholarships

The Office of Admission awards academic scholarships to our highest achieving admitted students. These competitive awards are based primarily on grades, ACT or SAT score, rank in class (if available), and curriculum rigor. For purposes of both admission and scholarship consideration, TCU superscores both the ACT and the SAT.  

Competition for the more prestigious scholarships will require the highest levels of academic achievement and personal credentials (meeting the minimum criteria, however, does not ensure an award):

  • Superior academic references
  • A significant record of co-curricular and community involvement

TCU is test-optional for the high school class of 2021 and ACT/SAT scores are not considered for scholarship awards for these applicants. 


  Overall GPA* ACT Score SAT Score
Chancellor's Scholarship
(Full tuition for four years) 
4.0 34 1500
Dean's Scholarship
($23k per year) 
3.91 33 1470
Faculty Scholarship
($20k per year) 
3.79 31 1390
TCU Scholarship
($16k per year) 
3.75 30 1350
Founders' Scholarship
($12k per year)
3.69 29 1320
All Scholarships 3.8 31 1400

Meeting the marks listed on this scholarship table does not guarantee any level of scholarship.

* Grade Point Average includes un-weighted grades earned from coursework in the following academic disciplines: English, Humanities, Languages other than English (LOTE), Math, Science, and Social Science