As you consider schools, also consider the quality of the investment you’re making. If you choose the right college, the return in personal fulfillment and professional achievement can be great.   

TCU’s tuition is several thousand dollars lower than most institutions of comparable quality and selectivity, and the value of a TCU education is growing. New and renovated facilities house cutting-edge academic programs and exciting ways to get involved.

Amid these changes, the hallmarks of a TCU education remain: the strengths and choices of a major university, the personal attention of a small college, opportunities for leadership and real-world experience.

Annual Cost Estimate

2018-2019 Tuition and Fees
Tuition based on 12-18 hours of enrollment for fall and spring semesters. ($22,380 per semester)


Residence Halls
Rates include phone service, voice mail and cable tv (Common freshman rate)


Dining Hall
Incoming students may choose among $2,350, $2,450, or $2,615 per semester plans, all of which include unlimited dining at Market Square. Students who do not choose meal plans will be assigned the $2,350 per semester plan.


Books & Supplies
Book and supply costs vary by student – this is an estimate based on data from the TCU Bookstore.


Total Fall and Spring Estimated Direct Cost
(Does not include transportation or personal expenses)


International Students Annual Cost Estimate

2018-2019 Tuition 
(Based on 24-36 hours per year)


Student Government Fee


Room Rent and Food
(Based on average residence hall and meal plan)


Health Insurance


Books and Supplies


Miscellaneous Living Expenses
(not paid directly to TCU)


Total Fall & Spring Cost Estimate



Note: These are average costs for the 9-month school year. Depending on individual lifestyles and housing options, the figures above may be from $1,000 to $2,000 more each year. Tuition and fees, room rent, and food expenses increase each year. The costs quoted do not include personal expenses, entertainment, travel, or spending money.

Students are required to have sufficient funding to cover summer and winter break costs OR to purchase a plane ticket if leaving the US.