TCU Scholarships

The Office of Admission awards academic scholarships to our highest achieving admitted students. These competitive awards are based primarily on grades, ACT or SAT score, rank in class (if available), and curriculum rigor. For purposes of both admission and scholarship consideration, TCU superscores both the ACT and the SAT. 

Meeting the marks listed on this scholarship table does not guarantee any level of scholarship.

 Overall GPA*ACT ScoreSAT Score
Chancellor's Scholarship
(Full tuition for four years) 
Dean's Scholarship
($21k per year) 
Faculty Scholarship
($18k per year) 
TCU Scholarship
($14k per year) 
Founders' Scholarship
($10k per year)
All Scholarships3.8311400

* Grade Point Average includes un-weighted grades earned from coursework in the following academic disciplines: English, Humanities, Languages other than English (LOTE), Math, Science, and Social Science

View a pdf of our Scholarship and Financial Aid brochure. It lists scholarships, grants, and loans available from TCU. You can also consult our Office of Scholarships & Student Financial Aid.

ScholarshipYearly Value
Chancellor'sFull Tuition for 3 years
Cornerstone$22,000 for 3 years
Dean's$21,000 for 3 years
Faculty$18,000 for 3 years
Phi Theta Kappa  (TCU Sponsored)$15,000 for 3 years
TCU Scholarship$14,000 for 3 years
Gideon Scholarship for community college Education majors$12,500 for 2 years
Sandra Brown Excellence in Literary FictionFull Tuition for 2 years

Requirements for Consideration

  • Cumulative College GPA of 3.25
  • Minimum of 27 Transferable College Hours
  • Excellence on the Essay
  • Outstanding Activities or Work Experience
  • Outstanding Personal Qualities
  • Optional Teacher Evaluation / Recommendation
  • Chancellor’s Scholarship requirements include a 3.85 minimum GPA and at least 60 transferable hours
  • Gideon Scholarship requirements include a 3.5 minimum GPA and up to 60 transferable hours
  • Sandra Brown Excellence in Literary Fiction requirements at


  • April 15 – Fall Early Notification Deadline
  • April 15 – Fall Deadline to submit admission application and be considered for the Chancellor’s Scholarship
  • August 1 – Fall Consideration Deadline
  • December 1 – Spring Consideration Deadline

All students who apply by the Financial Aid deadline will be considered until funds are depleted.

Related Information

  • Scholarships are limited to the first BA/BS degree.
  • Renewal is based on a 3.25 cumulative TCU GPA and 24 hours taken during the long semesters.
  • Merit Scholarships are only for new students and will not be awarded to current or former TCU students.
  • Only one scholarship is awarded per student