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TCU Orientation
Fresh Faces

5 Tips for Orientation Registration

Posted on Mar. 24, 2023, by Dr. Emily Ivey

TCU Frog Camp & orientation registration opens March 28, 2023 for deposited students! We have some pro tips to set you up for success as an incoming Horned Frog. Check out our 2023 Frog Camp and orientation calendar to plan ahead.

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TCU students abroad in Rome, Italy
Fresh Faces / Student Submission

Study Abroad Vlog

Posted on Mar. 22, 2023, by tcuadmission

Ready to explore the world? Get a first-hand look at what it's like to study abroad with TCU students in Rome!

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TCU John V. Roach Honors College
Admissions - Blog / Student Submission

My Honors Experience

Posted on Mar. 03, 2023, by Colleen Wyrick

But throughout my time at TCU thus far, the Honors College has brought me incredible memories and relationships beyond the classroom that I never anticipated.

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