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As a junior and senior in high school, I remember going on a lot of campus tours while I was applying to college. I think visiting campus gives you some of the best insight into a school and its community, so it’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into. As someone who has been through campus visits and now gives campus tours, I have some pro tips for all of you prospective students.

A campus tour group gathered new a horned frog statue

  1. Do Some Research—Most colleges and universities have a section on their website that has fast facts about the campus, student body, academics, and more. Give this a read so you have a basic idea of what to expect.
  2. Be On Time—I feel like this one is self explanatory, but I included it just in case.
  3. Wear Shoes You Can Walk In—Most people probably think this one sounds silly, but going on a 90-minute walking tour in heels is super uncomfortable. Seriously.
  4. Speak Up If You Can’t Hear—I’m a pretty loud person, but I always tell my tour groups to let me know if there comes a point where they can’t hear something I’m saying. Even if it’s only for a second, you never know what important information or corny joke you might be missing, so holla at us if we need to turn up the volume.
  5. Ask Quality Questions—Don’t ask questions you can find the answer to on the school’s website. Ask your tour guide about their college application process, why they chose their school, and their favorite classes, activities and places to eat near campus (mine is Rodeo Goat, in case you were wondering).
  6. Stay Connected—If you’re substantially interested in the school after the tour, get your tour guide’s contact information. Admission counselors are really helpful, but sometimes you just want a student’s perspective. It’s totally not weird to ask for your tour guide’s email; in fact, we’re flattered when you do. We give tours because we love our school, and we’re happy to help you learn about it any way we can.


Sophia CoussouleSophia Coussoule is a Spanish and Strategic Communication double major from Chattanooga, Tennessee. She is currently a junior and is involved with Leaders for Life, Frog Camp, Delta Gamma, and Student Foundation.