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female student and male professor discussing questions

The college admission process is all about finding a university that will fit your personality, interests and goals. You’ll want to find out what the university offers in academics, campus culture and life, career opportunities and more. Find some insightful questions and answers below from Senior Admission Counselor Dalton Goodier.
Q: How would you describe a typical student at your school?
DG: This question is great because it helps you learn more about whether the school you’re looking at is the right fit for you. College is a match to be made and not a prize to be won, so this question can get you thinking about which schools are right for you, as opposed to which school is simply the highest-rated one you can get in to.

TCU is looking for students who want to be involved in the full college experience. The Princeton Review ranks TCU as the #8 school in the country for happiest students, and it’s easy to see why. Our students balance their academic experience with tons of activities, experiences and leadership development. It’s common to see students who are involved in multiple organizations, conduct research and also find time to have fun and serve their communities. Because of those, we strive to find students who are balanced and will make the TCU community a better place.

Q: How does your school support students and what kind of experiences are available to a typical student?
DG: I like this question because it helps you focus on what your own personal experience will be like. Tons of schools can offer undergraduate research, amazing study abroad opportunities, and useful internships … but are they available to all students, or just to a small number?
As a mid-sized university, TCU offers the resources of a big school with the personal attention of a smaller university. We offer research opportunities to our undergraduates, 50 percent of our students complete two-or-more internships and Horned Frogs annually perform tens-of-thousands of hours of community service.
From personal experience, I know that there were opportunities at TCU I was able to take advantage of that wouldn’t have been available at other schools. There’s so much to be involved in. At the same time, I was able to connect one-on-one with mentor professors in a way that helped me grow through my experiences and relationships fostered here at TCU.
Q: Did you go to this school? What did you like about it?
DG: Talking to current students or to others connected with the school and seeing what they love about it can give you a clearer picture of whether the school’s priorities and interests match up with your own.
I went to TCU and absolutely loved it. I learned and grew so much during my time in college and know that TCU had so much to do with it. It’s a place that truly cares about who you are as a person and wants to see you succeed. The people are friendly, the opportunities are endless, and the community you step into after graduation is unparalleled!


Dalton Goodier Dalton Goodier is a Senior Admission Counselor at TCU. He still plays pickup basketball in the rec sometimes but can’t hang with the students any more.