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Dean Einstein and April Yandell, Associate Director for Transfer Admission, answered questions about choosing classes for first-year and transfer admission and scholarship in a live chat. Watch the entire video or check out key takeaways and links below for answers to your questions. 

Take advantage of what’s available to you and what you’re capable of doing in high school
At a minimum to apply to TCU, you’ll need to take at least 19 core academic classes in high school. That includes at least four English courses, three each of math, science, social science in history courses and two credits in languages other than English. However, TCU’s Office of Admission looks closely at your choices in high school. Ideally, plan to take five academic courses in each year of high school and make your curriculum choices with purpose – aiming toward your desired area of study and career. 

To be considered for the highest levels of scholarship, you’ll need to go above and beyond
To earn the highest curriculum rating and maximize scholarship opportunity, TCU requires that you take at least five Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) courses (or the most advanced curriculum offered at the school). We also require that you take at least 19 total courses, including a minimum of four years of English and three years each of math, science, social studies and a language other than English.

For transfer scholarships, we require at least 12 post-high school graded transferable hours and a 3.0 transfer GPA. For the full-tuition Chancellor’s Scholarship consideration, we require a minimum of 60 post-high school graded transferable hours and a 3.85 transfer GPA

Challenge yourself, but don’t take more classes than you can handle
TCU assigns a rating based on the courses each applicant took in high school. You are encouraged to take appropriately rigorous courses. That means that we don’t believe you need to take all Advanced Placement classes to succeed in college. In fact, the maximum score in our system can be achieved by taking five advanced classes. That being said, if you can handle more advanced classes and like them, then go for it! 

Transfer students should focus on core classes after high school
Students must attend a regionally accredited institution for their credits to transfer and up to 66 transferable hours can be applied to a TCU degree. We recommend that you mainly take core classes like English, math, social studies and science, because they are the most transferrable credits. Technical and vocational classes and developmental courses may be helpful, but won’t transfer to TCU.