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Undergraduate Admissions

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college of education student working in a classroom

The TCU College of Education prepares teachers, counselors and leaders in the field of education and related fields. Our students and graduates are well-prepared to take on highly challenging and highly rewarding careers, shaping young minds in their most critical years of development and leading change in schools and educational systems.

TCU prepares excellent teachers and educational leaders.

TCU’s award-winning Early Childhood Education program was recognized as a finalist for the Distinguished Program in Teacher Education Award, a national honor given by the Association of Teacher Educators for collaboration between TCU and global education agencies for teacher preparation. The college’s Middle School and Secondary Education programs have also been recognized with many national awards and provide unique experiences to work with diverse students.

And the new Youth Advocacy & Educational Studies (YAES) program provides classes and internship experiences for students who want to make an impact in education-related fields, but don’t want to teach.

TCU is the only university in the nation with two on-campus special education laboratory schools. The two lab schools on TCU’s campus, Starpoint School and KinderFrogs School, provide TCU students with an opportunity to volunteer and learn from teaching and observing children who attend the schools. KinderFrogs is an early intervention program for children with Down syndrome and other developmental delays and Starpoint serves children with learning differences.

You’ll observe in classrooms starting freshman year. Our students begin observing in classrooms as early as freshmen year in diverse school settings. After completing their field experiences, students complete full-time, semester-long clinical teaching in a local school and have the option to teach abroad for about one month. By graduation, students will have more than 500 hours of real-world classroom experience.

TCU is home to five educational research and outreach programs. The Alice Neeley Special Education Research and Service (ANSERS) Institute, Andrews Institute of Mathematics and Science Education and Center for Public Education provide research and outreach opportunities that enrich educational practice and address challenges for our local schools. TCU TRIO Programs and College Advising Corps prepare high school and TCU students for through advising, mentoring and academic support. Learn more about our research and outreach programs here.

You can earn a bachelor’s and master’s degree in 5 years. Through the Accelerated Master’s Program, students have the opportunity to complete a bachelor’s degree with the Master of Education (M.Ed.) in five years. Students begin master’s level courses during senior year and can earn a master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction (Curriculum Studies, Language and Literacy, Mathematics Education, and Science Education specializations), Special Education or Youth, Advocacy & Educational Studies (YAES).

You’ll have multiple opportunities to teach, travel and study abroad. Understanding how global education systems work is an important part of being an educator. TCU is a member institution in the European Teacher Education Network and the International Student Teaching Program allows students to spend three weeks teaching in schools in Sweden, The Netherlands, Spain, Panama and other countries around the world. We also offer summer study abroad trips for students to explore international educational approaches, advocacy and policy by visiting schools and government organizations.