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Students collaborating with professionals in the LKCM Center

Today's post comes from the Neeley School of Business with some quick facts about the LKCM Center for Financial Studies!

The Center:

  • subsidizes fees and study materials for TCU CFA candidates. In 2018, over $40,000 in aid was provided;
  • offers four major scholarships for rising seniors in Finance, providing a monetary award and an optional one-year internship at LKCM;
  • through its Transaction and Investment Professional (TIP) Board, provides assistance acquiring meaningful internships and permanent employment in fop finance jobs. The TIP Board is a group of over 20 young TCU Finance Alumni who mentor selected Neeley School Finance majors. The Board critiques resumes, provides weekly interview coaching, staffs an analyst’s skills training class, and assists Neeley students in getting internships and permanent positions upon graduation. Finance alumni relationship building events are held in several locations including New York;
  • sponsors an Evening with Investment Leaders;
  • invites selected students to its annual Investment Strategies Conference ®;
  • collaborates with the student-managed TCU Educational Investment Fund, which manages a $1.5 million portfolio of stocks and bonds. You can find more information about the Investment Fund here;
  • offers the High School Investor Challenge ®, for rising high school seniors, in which 80 students spend a week on TCU’s campus, learning about stock market investing and managing a $100,000 virtual portfolio. Students who subsequently attend TCU may receive three credits for a finance seminar.

Visit the website for more information about the LKCM Center for Financial Studies.