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Student photograph of a Japanese toori from the Study Abroad Trip to Tokyo

          When I began looking for my dream college, I had a checklist of requirements for things I wanted to have access to at my future school. One thing I knew I wanted to do during my time as a college student was study abroad. At TCU, the opportunities to study abroad are frequent, variable, and easily accessible. I stumbled upon the perfect opportunity to study abroad when the John V. Roach Honors College announced that it would be sending a handful of students to Japan during the “Maymester” weeks shortly after spring finals ended.

            Going abroad for “Maymester” was the perfect chance for me to spend a few weeks in a foreign country, embracing a new culture, new experience, and cultivating friendships with other TCU students that would last a lifetime. I personally loved the length of the trip because I had been too nervous to study abroad for an entire semester (although those opportunities exist too!) In May of my sophomore year at TCU, eleven other TCU students and I traveled across the world to Tokyo, Japan where we studied natural disasters, recovery and renewal.

            Before the trip, I didn’t know anyone in the group who I would be traveling with. However, by the time I came home, I had eleven new friends who I could count on for anything. My experience in Japan was more than just study abroad. Of course, academics were involved, but just as importantly, I was immersed into another culture that allowed me to grow as a student, friend and person. Just as TCU encourages through its mission statement, we are expected to be responsible global citizens by the time we leave this university. I can truly say, without any doubt, that my experience studying abroad contributed greatly to my efforts in fulfilling that mission.

         From Fort Worth to the other side of the world and everywhere in between, TCU has the most passionate community of learners. The students and faculty I had the chance to travel with are true representatives of what school spirit entails. Our professors on the trip were so enthusiastic about showing us the significance of being a Horned Frog, no matter where life takes us after graduation. Being a student at TCU is truly special; you never know where the journey will take you!

          If you choose to come to TCU, I highly recommend pursuing a study abroad opportunity, whether it’s a whole semester or a shortened trip like mine. The friendships, memories, and lessons that come from study abroad are more than worth it! Go frogs!


Sally Stockett is a political science major with a double minor in geography and middle east studies. She is from Philadelphia, PA and made herself right at home at TCU by joining organizations such as TCU Ambassadors, St. Jude Up 'til Dawn, and more!