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TCU tulips by frog fountain
It's that time of year again. The tulips have sprung at TCU! All over campus, beautiful blooms are flourishing, ushering in the spring season. Take it from a tour guide; the floral scenery is even more stunning than usual right now. It's a tradition dating back to 1986, and it's beloved by students, faculty, and staff alike. The bulbs are planted in November and carefully looked after until being placed across campus in stunning arrays of colorful flowerbeds. 

The flowers are funded by the Mary Evans Endowment Fund for Campus Beautification, which allows our campus grounds to stay watered, fresh, and beautiful throughout the year. The effort and attention that goes into our tulips is quite similar to the nurturing support TCU provides for our students to help them blossom into their best selves too!

I love seeing the tulips across campus. It brings me joy and reminds me every day of the constant care TCU devotes to keeping both campus and students bright and thriving. It's no surprise that my mom always makes her best effort to visit me in the spring. I'm sure she just misses me and doesn't care about the tulips at all...

But the camera hardly does these flowers justice. Book a tour or stop by for a self-guided tour to see TCU for yourself!