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Undergraduate Admissions

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TCU’s test-optional admission policy has been extended through 2024. Students graduating high school in the next two years can decide whether or not to submit results from the SAT or ACT as part of their TCU application, which opens on August 1.

"Test-optional admission aids our ability to attract a broad range of students who both enrich and are enriched by the uniquely transformative TCU experience," said Dean of Admission Heath Einstein.

During the past two years, TCU has waived test scores for admission to reduce barriers to access TCU. Test optional at TCU really does mean test optional. Under a “Do No Harm” policy, there is no downside to submitting test scores. This policy applies to both admission and scholarship. During the past two years, TCU awarded scholarships to around two-thirds of admitted students.

For the 2020-21 application season, test scores were considered for 48% of admitted students whereas test scores were considered for 42% of applicants. In 2021-22 test scores were considered for 54% of admitted students while test scores were considered for 45% of applicants. That means that about half of admitted students did not submit test scores or their scores were excluded due to “Do No Harm.” The discrepancy between the admitted students and the overall applicant pool is the result of test submission being correlated to high school GPA. The higher the GPA, the likelier it is for students to submit and have test scores considered.

TCU's application for admission will open on August 1 for students who want to start college in the fall of 2023. Students and families can request information to learn more about TCU and get guidance on the admission process.