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Undergraduate Admissions

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March Facebook Live with Dean Einstein 

Dean Einstein answered questions about making the final college decision in a live chat. Watch the entire video and check out tips about how to make the important decision of choosing where to attend college, whether that's at TCU or elsewhere.

Consider academics.
What matters to you in terms of academics? That's why you're going to college after all! Do you want close relationships with professors? Do you prefer smaller or larger class sizes? Does a college offer the majors you're interested in or research opportunities you'd like to see? These are all aspects to think about when choosing a university. At TCU, 98 percent of faculty teach undergraduates and if you're interested in research opportunities, you'll get those well before grad school. We're also ranked #16 for best student engagement by the Wall Street Journal. Professors won't just know your name, they'll be on call and will invest in your academic journey.

Consider location.
Do you want to go to college close to home, around the world or go somewhere in between? Think about how easily you can access the college campus that will become your home away from home. Will you attend a school that is a 10-hour drive or a short plane trip away? Do you want to go to school in an urban, suburban or rural environment? We may be biased, but we think Fort Worth offers it all - incredible internship and career opportunities, 229 days of sunshine and plenty to do! In fact, the Fort Worth Zoo houses real life Horned Frogs and is ranked No. 1 in the nation by USA Today.

Consider pre-professional opportunities.
While you're earning your degree, you'll want to make sure your college will prepare you for success beyond graduation. From work opportunities during college, such as work study and internships to career options, how will a university prepare you for the future? At TCU, we place a high value on supporting Horned Frogs while they're on campus and out in the world. Four-out-of-five students complete internships while at TCU, and our amazing Center for Career & Professional Development provides resources to students for life.

Consider campus life.
How do you see yourself getting involved on campus? What kind of residence halls, events, clubs and activities do you want to participate in? We love our mix of school spirit, service opportunities, #4 best residence halls, ranked by The Princeton Review, fresh food at 13 on-campus eateries and 275 student organizations. Find a school that aligns with your values and interests.

Consider your family's investment.
Make sure that when you're thinking about cost and aid, your family makes smart choices about investing in your future. Talk about your investment in the university as much as the university's investment in you. Review financial aid and scholarships and have open and honest conversations about how much your family is willing to pay and can afford to pay. Nearly 80 percent of TCU students receive financial aid through loans, grants and work-study opportunities.

Most colleges offer events specifically for admitted students. Check your student portal to register for an admitted student event at TCU. No matter which campuses you visit, spend time talking to current students and parents about their experience at the university to get a real sense for campus life. And try to spend some time apart so parents and students can compare and contrast their different experiences after the visit.