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December Facebook Live with Dean Einstein 

Dean Einstein answered questions about how the major you select might affect the application process in a live chat. Watch the entire video and check out tips on application majors and what it means to apply undecided.
Transfer applicants who meet our criteria have a strong chance of admission.
For transfer applicants, we want to see at least 12 transferrable courses during a long semester (fall or spring) with a minimum GPA of 2.7. If a student applies to transfer to TCU with the minimum GPA and there is space in their selected academic program, they will be competitive for admission. However, applicants to the College of Education, Neeley School of Business or Strategic Communication and pre-health majors do have separate academic requirements.

We want strong students no matter what your major.
Some majors may be more competitive or more popular, however we look at first year applications holistically no matter which one you select. That means we consider the entire picture you provide in your application, including transcript, courses chosen, difficulty of curriculum, letters of recommendation, essays and test scores if submitted. We also look at your co-curricular activities and transcript in relation to your selected major. For example, if you've written about your dreams of working in the medical field in your essay, we like to see that you've taken advanced science classes or participated in an organization or volunteer role that supports your interests.

Nursing is a highly competitive program.
Though most of our schools and colleges have a similar admit rate, our nursing program at TCU is highly competitive. Nursing students start clinical rotations in our community starting the second semester of their sophomore year and we're limited by those available spots. We have a nursing supplement for applicants to explain what inspired them to work in the field and talk about their relevant educational and co-curricular experiences.

It's OK to change your major and change your mind.
We expect that many students will change their major or decide on a major after they get to TCU and that is great! College is a time for growth and self-discovery and our core curriculum is designed to allow students to explore their interests and change their major if they choose. We also admit many students undecided on a major. Our 2021 admit rate for pre-majors (undecided) was 53% compared to 54% for those who selected majors.

If you'd like to change your major during the application process, log in to your MyTCU portal and click the link called Major Change Request. Select the major you'd like to request and you'll be notified of any special requirements like an audition or supplemental essay. Once you submit the form, you won't be able to submit another request until the first one has been processed. The form doesn't guarantee a major change on your application, but you will receive notification in your portal either way.